The Pescetarian and The Pig

2 announcements, actually!

While other people whose blogs I follow are making announcements like being pregnant, moving, and starting their own businesses, mine aren’t quite like that… Not quite at all… But they are life changing (for me), and the first one impacts my readers greatly 🙂

Announcement #1: I got the internet! I realize it seems especially strange that someone who writes a (semi) consistent food blog has just gotten the internet at her house for the first time ever. And I’ve lived here for 4 years. Wow. Yup, I’ve been writing my blog at either my parents’ house or Starbucks allllll this time. But no more! And guess what’s really exciting about that for all of us? That means more posts! Yay! I don’t have to block off time in my week to go seek out the internet and leave poor Cupcake home alone while I write posts…

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~ by Rachel on June 8, 2012.

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