What’s Blooming Spring 2012

The Empress Tree blooms. These blooms are each about 4 inches long!

They almost look like giant Foxgloves...

Or like gigantic wisteria turned upside down...

It doesn't look as impressive in its entirety... But this is the first time it has flowers. I bought it 2 years ago as root stock. It's now about 6 ft. at the tallest point. So pretty!

Weeping Cherry

So lovely

Well, hey there, Little Guy!

I think inchworms are the cutest little things. This guy was swinging in the breeze

I got lazy about taking pics as things bloomed... This is my Leprechaun Nectarine tree... The blooms have fallen off and left the fruiting stems. First year for blooms!

The koi are back to their ravenous ways

The Weeping Redbud tree has the most amazingly colored flowers!

Aren't they just gorgeous?

The fig is off to an early start!

Obligatory pic of Cupcake 🙂 She's getting all of her chins back again...

Perhaps this isn't as exciting to everyone else as it is me... but my Angel Red Pomegranate Tree is showing signs of LIFE! Pomegranates for everyone!

More apple blossoms. This tree has been blooming since January!

I thought the early blooms of the apple tree would all be fails... But look! Little apples already forming!

The Bing Cherry Tree is getting blooms! That would be the first bloom for this tree, too 🙂

The Contorted Filbert Tree is just such a cool tree...

Lovely lavender

The pond is coming alive

Don't know what the heck this is, but it's huge, fuzzy, and looks like it wants to flower. I guess we'll see!

PEACHES! This tree excites me so much

And the flowers are just so pretty!

One of my fruiting pears is blooming for the first time... But its companion tree doesn't seem to be flowering... So I don't believe I will have fruit again this year. But it's still pretty!

I think my Fioja Guava might bloom for the first time this year!

I love when you think something has died and will never come back... and then it DOES! Like this Peony! And there's another one a few feet away!

And the Astilbe... totally thought it was a gonner

A cornflower that Cupcake ate last year. Looks like the roots survived!

I don't think this was meant to come back, but due to the unusually warm winter, looks like it stuck around! And I love it 🙂

I'm so excited for wisteria

Welcome back, Grapes 🙂


~ by Rachel on March 23, 2012.

One Response to “What’s Blooming Spring 2012”

  1. Wow, pomegranates and figs — I’m very envious. You have a spectacular garden. It must keep you very busy! Can’t wait to see the fruit on all of your trees in a few months.

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