Winter Update

Cupcake has become really accustomed to sleeping on the couch…

It’s almost unbelievable how different my yard looks in the winter. And the flooding of the lower yard? Holy bejeebus. I got this lovely wide angle lens for my birthday… It captures the whole yard (and makes it look oddly small!)

So dead, right? Makes me want to cry…

But apparently no one told the apple tree that it’s still winter and only the very beginning of February…

Because it is having a jolly blooming time. I’m not sure what’s going on with the weather…. Winter skipped us completely. I remember when I first moved here, though, that it snowed on April 1st. I’m hopeful that we don’t have another frost this year….

Because my apple tree blossoms will be destroyed!

True to form the hellebores are blooming. But at least that’s normal for them to be blooming in the winter! Apple tree, what is going on?!

Sweet Banana Sandwich

Anyway… That’s my February “winter” update.


~ by Rachel on February 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Winter Update”

  1. No matter the season or condition of the yard your photos are great, Rachel. I agree that the apple is probably in for a nasty and frosty surprise, but I doubt you can convince the tree to stop blooming! What camera do you use for your great photography? Gail

    • Thank you, Gail šŸ™‚ I’m not looking forward to the nasty frosty surprise as many of my flowering trees are starting to bud, and my roses are too! I just got a new camera, it’s a Canon 5D Mark II. It’s the most WONDERFUL camera ever! I have to figure out a bunch of settings on it and haven’t really had time to play with it too much, but I’ll get there. In previous posts my photos were taken with my iPhone (you can tell which photos those were) or my Canon EOS 10D. Both Canons are DSLRs.

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