Summer is Full of Flowers!

We are currently experiencing a massive heat wave in Charlotte. The weather has been in the mid 90’s all week, which is extremely unusual for this time of year. That is supposed to be the dreaded August weather around here… It’s been so darned hot that my poor ducks have almost been glued to the pond, Cupcake is rolling in mud every chance she gets, and the cats would actually prefer to stay in the house. Cupcake does too, actually… Unfortunately for her, the routine has become go outside, eat some carrots, go potty, roll in mud, get sprayed off with the hose, dry off, come back in the house, nap on the tile. The lives of these animals, I tell ya. What I would give to be one of my ducks and just walk around the yard eating bugs and swimming in the pond all day long…

Anyway, since the weather has been so hot and we have seen very little in the way of rain, I’ve been up early every morning to soak the

The fig tree is coming back from the dead with a vengeance!

plants with water, refilling the pond (the water keeps evaporating so quickly with this heat!), and laying frozen bottles of water in the shade for the ducks to lay on when they’re getting too hot. I bought a drip hose at WalMart which I set up around all of the fruit trees. For the first year or so, you’re supposed to give each tree a slow soaking for an hour every week. This way I can get them all done at thesame time. My pomegranate tree isn’t showing any form of leaf or bloom or anything, but it’s still green inside, so I’m hoping something will happen soon! My Rainier Cherry tree never sprouted anything, and it’s brown inside, so I will be getting a replacement for that one in the fall. My fig tree, which was heavily damaged in the unusually cold winter that we had this year, is recovering with flying colors. It has actually completely surpassed the fig tree at my parents’ house, which had no frost damage on it at all. The only problem is that now it has a funny shape to it, but some artistic pruning can solve that problem.

I have so many pictures to share!!!

The view from my patio couch. My grapes and wisteria are looking beautiful on the pergola. You can see my azaleas and tomato plants in the garden bed on the patio...

Another view from the patio couch. Cupcake is finishing off her sushi, Lemur is watching the ducks by the gate, and all of the ducks are walking in the "creek".

The American "Amethyst Falls" wisteria is on its second round of blooms. It's attracting the bees and it smells amazing!

Impatiens are my favorite for my hanging baskets on the pergola

Purple Reliance grapes are on their way...

Niagara grapes are getting big!

HUGE I tell you!

The tomatoes are really starting to produce! This is a "Big Boy" tomato

These elephant ears are at the top of the waterfall... They're 5 feet tall!

The honeysuckle has been faithfully blooming since March

Landscape garlic... Has such beautiful little flowers and keeps away vampires 😉

My newest addition, Lily of the Nile, is beginning to really bloom

These bright red/orange daylilies really stand out in the garden!

A deep burgundy daylily. What a neat color!

White daylily

A massive creamy daylily

The bee balm is living up to its name

A dragonfly perches by the pond

My charisma climbing rose has little flowers, but so many with such a striking color

My Don Juan climbing rose is blooming beautifully

Even my container flowers are shooting out blooms like crazy

The blue Rose of Sharon bushes are really blooming!

The apples are getting quite large!

The peaches are getting closer and closer to ripeness

The daylily border is blooming in beautiful colors

I have 2 angel trumpet trees this year as well, but they were not blooming yesterday when I took these photos, so I will post some of them later in the summer probably. I love the ever-changing garden!
Also, in case anyone is interested, I had begun writing some recipes on this blog but decided to keep my recipes and my garden separate… So if you’re still interested in reading my recipes and food experimentations, you can view them at my new food blog, The Pescetarian and the Pig


~ by Rachel on June 9, 2011.

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