Woodhouse Farms Before and Afters

I found the original pictures of my house from when it was on the market and just thought “MAN! What a difference!”… It’s so interesting to see how much has changed in the not quite 3 years that I’ve lived here. I took some photos with my iPhone and tried for the most part to get the same angles as the original pics. The original pics were taken this time of year, too… So here is a VERY interesting comparison…

This is a picture from the summer that I bought my house...

The knock-out roses were pretty small, as were the roses between them. The front little “natural area” was pretty darn bare. Just before I bought the house, they planted 2 maple trees, a crepe myrtle, and a bush in the natural area..

A slightly different angle, but this is my house a few days ago (with Cupcake in the front yard!)...

I actually need to cut back the roses a whole bunch. They’re now bigger than the windows, but I feel so bad cutting them while they’re blooming! I also removed the crepe myrtle and the bush from the natural area last summer and planted them elsewhere in the yard. I put in the weeping cherry and a bunch of perennials that seem VERY happy this year!

The old view walking through the left gate...

Also before I moved in, the old owners had the dead cypress trees cut down. I could tell they had tried to plant grass on the hill…

The current view walking through the left gate....

My view is a little bit closer to the hill than the other picture… I had the Bradford Pear trees limbed up and did a ton of re-landscaping on that hill. I planted that border of daylilies, and I need to mow my lawn. I also added quite a few animals to the scenery!

The hill as it was....

Again, the cypress trees are still standing in this picture. The hill seems much smaller in this pic, and the Bradford Pear has such low branches that they are touching the ground…

The hill as it is now

This is a closer picture of the left hand side of the hill as viewed in the above picture. I need to get one standing farther back. Either way, though… The biggest change was obviously the addition of the waterfall. I also mulched and planted on the hill and killed all of the grass on it.

The bedroom patio then...

The patio was kinda too small to make much sense….

The bedroom patio now

I added another 2 rows of the cement slabs to the patio that I got from the other patio (they were there as a platform for the former owner’s barbeque). Last weekend I created the mulched garden bed around it, planted hostas, and added the potted trees. You’ll also notice the duck coop to the right… and now there’s a willow tree in the foreground.

The kitchen patio then...

Pretty barren looking… and the grass grew right up to the patio

The kitchen patio now!

The first landscaping I did in this yard was to create the little garden bed around this patio and I planted azaleas. Since then I got new furniture, planted wisteria and grapes, created a path with cobblestones that I pulled out of the yard when I put the duck coop in… I had to add a gate last summer to keep the ducks off the patio… and obviously the view in this pic has quite a bit of the hill showing. I have planted a LOT. And then, obviously, there is the pond again… And Cupcake on the patio.

I still have a lot of work to do… but my yard has changed dramatically in the past 3 years! And I must share with you what is blooming right now— a Peruvian Daffodil. I planted them around my pond. I have never seen a flower like this before!


~ by Rachel on May 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Woodhouse Farms Before and Afters”

  1. hey, I love your blog and like the way you are living!
    So nice you made that place so great!
    Hope all your plants and pig all are enjoying the winter there with you!

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