May is Beautiful

It’s amazing to watch the plants progress as the weather gets warmer and warmer. As the perennials grow back and get fuller and fuller, the garden just gets prettier and prettier. I love to take pictures each month just to see how much everything has changed! Here’s an update on what’s in bloom…

Winter in my back yard. It's almost lifeless! I can't believe this is my yard only a couple of months ago...

The rose garden is in bloom. There are chickadees building a nest in the bluebird box!

Looking back at the rose garden from the other side of the pond. Looks so magical!

Honey bees are covering the tiny flowers on my privet trees

I trimmed my 15ft privet hedges into trees last summer and planted shade plants underneath. Their flowers look like snow and smell so sweet!

The peaches are getting so big!

A beautiful bearded iris

Found this deep purple beauty at the farmer's market last weekend

My multi-colored calla bulbs are in bloom!

The view up the pond. You can see the iris up in in the sun and a big angel's trumpet tree (no flowers yet)

A dirty Cupcake gets in the shot....

The wisteria has now come and gone, but these were still out last weekend

Grapes, wisteria, and impatiens adorn the pergola



~ by Rachel on May 12, 2011.

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