Blooms and Fruit

I planted so many things last year— some died because of the horrible heat and drought of the summer (I lost a number of azaleas), some seemed to disappear, some the ducks or pig dug up and ate, many things so brand new that they spent the summer getting watered and becoming established and didn’t have much going on aside from survival….

Imagine my excitement this spring when things started sprouting up from everywhere! So many things that I thought had died, or had honestly completely forgotten that I had planted in the first place. It was actually to the point where I avoided walking on any dirt for a long time because I could not remember where I had planted things, and a lot of the time I couldn’t even remember if I’d planted anything! It’s been fun seeing hostas pop up everywhere, and especially flowers like my Purple Mountain Cornflower which I planted last spring.. Well it was dead and gone by about mid-June and I thought to myself I will never buy those again… But to my HUGE surprise, it came back. And when I say it came back, it REALLY came back. Both clumps that I had planted have quadrupled in size and are absolutely covered in the beautiful, and very interesting, flowers.

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I’m excited this year to see my apple tree bloom and actually begin forming apples! Both grape vines are covered in grapes, whereas last year only one vine produced a single bunch of grapes. My blueberries are going crazy (although I might never get any… between the birds, the ducks, and the pig, I don’t know if there will be any left for me). The peach tree is covered in peaches. My two pear trees must still be getting established because they, unfortunately, did not flower this year. My fig tree was heavily damaged by the cold this winter and is just starting to grow leaves back out of a few branches (it required some major pruning). My roses in the front yard are looking amazing, including my beautiful climber, the “Jacob’s Robe” rose. The roses in the back yard are having a harder time as the ducks keep nipping off new growths. I have to figure out a way to keep the ducks off the roses without fencing them out completely. I might net the roses.

Anyway, things are really coming along!


~ by Rachel on April 15, 2011.

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