Inside the Office Garden…

Citrus Tree

I have a few plants in my office that have been doing really well against the window. I have a a Zygocactus or a Christmas Cactus, a Malabar Chestnut Tree (a “money tree”… Or pachira aquatica). This guy started out as a beautiful braided tree at my parents’ house. After much neglect on their part, they left the tree outside in the winter, killing it back to a state where it didn’t seem to have any life. They were going to throw it away, so I “rescued” it to my house and patiently waited for about 3 months for any sign of life to return. It’s much taller and well-leaved now, but it lost the braided look.

Avocado Tree


I have an avocado tree that is growing from a pit that I hung over water with toothpicks for 6 months and finally planted it. It is now 2 feet tall and almost a year old!

And I have a miniature citrus tree of some sort (it’s either a lemon or an orange. I bought the two varieties together and made the mistake of leaving them on the back porch last summer… Cupcake the piglet wonder ripped them from their pots and ate the roots of the one that didn’t survive… so now I don’t know which tree is which).  It bloomed about a month back and has one piece of fruit growing on it. Hopefully I’ll find out from this what kind of tree it is (if the fruit makes it).

I have a few more plants like these that are sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Once I repot them, I think I’ll move at least a couple of them to my office, as the giant and warm window has made these particular plants very happy. The plants I will bring in will be a grapefruit tree I started from seed 2 years ago and a tiny key-lime tree. My office will be a fruit wonderland!



~ by Rachel on April 8, 2011.

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