Dragon Statues

I ordered these adorable statues about a month ago and they finally arrived! I have to admit I’m not a HUGE fan of garden kitsche- lawn ornaments and such- but I do love a good, tasteful statue every once in a while and things that add to the garden’s aesthetics (not plastic deer and plastic garden gnomes…). Now, I know that dragons aren’t everyone’s personal taste… but they do happen to be mine!

I prefer the friendly looking dragons over the scary ones… Ones that make my garden look a little bit “happily magical” and welcoming… Not ones to scare people away!

The original intention was the put the large dragon on the ball in the garden bed in the front yard. I tested it out there and it looked great! But the more I thought about it… I worried that there was potential for someone to steal it. It does weigh 75lbs, but if I can lift it by myself I’m sure someone else can too! Also, that garden bed is only a few feet back from the road…. and I spend most of my time in the back yard by the pond… so it seemed to make more sense to put it somewhere that I could enjoy seeing it.

The other statue is one that I saw in the garden store last year and for some reason decided not to buy it at the time. Of course I went back to the shop this year and there weren’t any left! So I ordered him as well. He’s so cute, he looks like he’s trying to sleep by the pond.

As the spring continues to warm up, all of my plants and perennials are getting bigger and bigger, blooming and growing, and the colors by the pond are just constantly changing. When the weather stops being so unpredictable I will put my hanging lanterns back out at the pond as well.



~ by Rachel on April 1, 2011.

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