Cupcake Visits Santa Claus!

Tonight was the cutest experience, and I was a little apprehensive to go through it at first… They were having “Pet night” at Southpark Mall in Charlotte so that pets could go see Santa Claus. My mom convinced me I needed to take Cuppy because it would be pretty cute to get her picture with Santa. I was totally opposed to it at first because she has a tendency to squeal when she gets approached by people she doesn’t know…. but then I figured it would be pretty cute, so we’d test it and maybe just turn around and leave if she acted up.

She was such a good girl, and I was so proud! At first when we walked in the mall, people started approaching her and she squealed a few times which was only amplified by the high ceilings, etc. I was thinking ‘Oh no, she’s squealing, we’ve gotta go!” but then I offered her some Cheerios and she calmed down. It was a pretty slow trek to Santa because she couldn’t walk fast on the linoleum, plus we were stopped by a billion people wanting to pet her and take pictures. I know I was nervous about it because my face started feeling really hot… I was probably totally flushed.

Anyway, we had to wait in line for quite a long time. Man, does a pig in the mall draw a crowd or what! I had a ton of people wanting to take pictures with her, I should’ve started charging money! I would’ve come home rich tonight! She was very good, though, and wasn’t shy to impress people with her tricks.

She finally met Santa and she loved him because he fed her celery. He thought she was so funny. The picture turned out absolutely adorable and I’ll have to put it up once I scan it. On the way out of the mall, though, she somehow got her foot through the wrong loop in her harness and couldn’t walk, so she started freaking out. Luckily, we were outside and almost at the car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything about the harness without taking it off, and I was not about to risk having a runaway pig in the parking lot, so I had to pick her up and run her to the car. Well, she hates being picked up, so she screamed bloody murder while I ran as fast as I could (which was at a snail’s pace, considering I was carrying a 50 pound pig) and I hope someone didn’t call the cops thinking someone was kidnapping someone!

Except for that one little issue that was not the Cupcake’s fault, the visit went off without a hitch (oh yeah, and aside from the security guard trying to kick us out of the mall as soon as we got there). It must’ve been a big night for the little girl, because she is wiped out! She plopped in my lap and is sleeping like a baby. Oh, but to top off this wonderful Christmas night, it’s snowing!!!


~ by Rachel on December 13, 2010.

One Response to “Cupcake Visits Santa Claus!”

  1. Great Christmas photos of you and Cupcake. The pictures of Australia are awesome and your garden is lovely. Everything on your site is beautiful and well done. Your ducks really are “Lucky Ducks” ! Happy New Year.


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