Introducing… Baby Banana Sandwich!

Well well well, a little duckling finally hatched! After all of the little tragedies and sad failures of the embryos, I didn’t even want to tell anyone that this egg still existed for fear that I would “jinx” the chances of a baby coming out! It chirped and tapped for 3 whole days before finally emerging from the shell. I slept all night on the floor in the living room to make sure I could check on the progress every few hours. Well, I really didn’t get much in the way of sleep last night… Maybe an hour here and there. But then, at 3 am I was awoken by a large amount of banging around. I ran to check the incubator, and sure enough, the little duckling had finally escaped the egg.

I was so excited to see the wet little blob with sparkling eyes wide open! But then, a horrible bit of news… the baby was still attached to the shell by its umbilical cord. I had just read the previous night about a person’s experience and reading that you either let the baby die, or you try to snip the umbilical cord… Well, that didn’t pan out too well for that person as snipping the cord caused the poor thing to bleed to death! So somewhat in a panic, because I could clearly see the blood vessels in the cord so I knew not to cut it, but I didn’t want the baby pulling the shell around and injuring its intestines, I decided to cut away a large portion of the egg shell that had no vital veins or bits to it so at least the shell would be a lighter weight. I then confined the baby to a tupperware dish inside the incubator so that it wouldn’t get caught on the wire-bottom of the incubator and so it didn’t have a lot of room to drag the shell around. Then I went to sleep to pass the time for the baby to dry.

When the baby was dry, I checked the cord again and THANK GOODNESS, it was still attached to the shell, but it had dried up. So I was then able to just snip it free from the shell. The remaining cord still on the baby will apparently fall off in a day or two. So the good news is, if your duckling is attached to the shell by its cord it does NOT necessarily mean impending doom as I had previously read online.

This baby is so cute and lively, it rarely sleeps. It acts like it’s on a constant sugar high, and then suddenly it’ll just konk out. VERY funny!

Here she/he is at a whopping 12 hours old….. Baby Banana Sandwich! (Born October 2, 2010 at 3 am)

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So now I have Peanut, Butter, Jelly, and Banana Sandwich 🙂


~ by Rachel on October 3, 2010.

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