Koi and Garden Beauty

I finally bought Koi  at Lotus Land Koi Farm in Marshville to put into my lovely pond! I had to take a picture of them inside the bag because I knew once I released them into the pond it would be nearly impossible for a while to get clear pictures of them as they love to hide. They are much prettier outside the bag, I assure you!

Sticking with the Japanese theme I typically use while naming koi, I named them after the 5 elements and the sun in Japanese! They are Tayou (sun), Seishin (spirit), Tenkuu (air), Chikyuu (earth), Mizu (water), and Kaji (fire). Unfortunately, though, Chikyuu (the red one on the bottom center of the pic) jumped out of the pond yesterday and died 😦 . Not a fun thing to come home to. Ironically, Chikyuu is Japanese for “”Earth.”  Mizu, the black and white one at the top of the picture, is a 12 inch koi, to give you an idea of the size of these fish. They are very beautiful and I will replace Chikyuu this weekend (but I’m not going to name the new one anything land related). I can’t wait until they start eating from my hands!

I also just had to include some new pictures of the farm…

Peanut sleeps on the edge of the waterfall

The pond as we head into fall. The foliage has grown so much! (I just wish the grass would grow back)

A beautiful Morning Glory, which funnily enough grows as a weed… But I just think they’re so pretty! I let them grow as long as they don’t strangle any other plants.

Part of the hill. The flowers are so bushy and pretty right now, despite the month without rain (you should see my water bill)

A lovely canna

This is a Leopard plant— one of the coolest plants I’ve ever seen, I had to buy a pair for around my waterfall. The spots are neon and look like the sun is shining through and leaving them as light marks!


~ by Rachel on September 22, 2010.

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