Summer progress on the farm…

It’s amazing to see the progress of the garden and the animals throughout the season. I was looking through pictures that I took in the spring and I barely even recognize the yard (or the pig)!

First of all, Cupcake was a tiny 5 pound piglet… She now weighs in at 35 pounds! Second, the pond didn’t exist. The orchard was once a relatively empty hill, and it’s now adorned with a massive waterfall and so many beautiful plants. The grape vines went from 1 ft. dinky little sticks to 15 ft. vines… And one even produced a bunch of grapes (although, I think it was the vine that was SUPPOSED to be green grapes… but they were purple… regardless, they were quite tasty). Things sure have changed over the summer!

Cupcake helps with the weed problem by taking on the weeds in the neighbor’s yard…

She tires easily and needs a belly rub… 

Azzy watches the birds on the fence with great longing… 

Butter hops out of one of the many waterfall pools…A beautiful coneflower

These daisies started out as 5 little plants last summer that I could barely keep alive… They’ve spread into a 3x6ft patch thick with flowers!

Fireworks grass adorns the pond

Angel’s Trumpet Plant in full bloom 

My first bunch of grapes!


~ by Rachel on August 20, 2010.

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