Duckling season goes awry…

Peanut the black duck has become broody and she has really taken to sitting on her eggs. I felt bad for her because I was pretty sure that her efforts were futile and there was nothing going on inside those eggs. When I decided it was time to clean the nesting box out of the 13 eggs she’d been sitting on, I decided to candle them first to make sure I didn’t throw away any babies… And all 13 had life inside!

The egg count got up to 19 and it was fun candling the eggs occasionally and seeing a little embryo bouncing around inside. Unfortunately, Cupcake is a really greedy pig and pigs only seem to think with their stomachs… I spent so much time making the coop safe for the ducks and to keep wildlife out– but I guess I didn’t think as hard about Cupcake. I always keep the coop closed when she goes out in the back yard so she can’t go in and eat their food. Well, she found the ONE weak spot in the chicken wire and she got into the coop and ate all of the eggs except 6 of them. I came outside and heard the commotion and got her out of there as quickly as I could and chased her around the yard trying to get her into the house. She left 6 eggs untouched, but unfortunately one of them must have already been dead because when Peanut got back onto the nest she kicked that one out. So now we’re back down to 5 eggs and I’m not sure if they’re alive… I’ll have to candle them again this week.

Anyway, I spent the whole morning putting up wrought iron fencing around the duck coop to ensure that there is absolutely no way for that pig to get in. I’m still pretty upset with her, although she’s a pig and honestly, it’s kinda one of those things…. The same thing could’ve happened if I had a dog. I’m just glad Cupcake didn’t go as far as trying to eat the duck. Hopefully Peanut’s efforts will be fruitful.

Yesterday was REALLY hot, and even though I was still mad at Cupcake for her murderous ways, I caught a video of her cooling off in the pond. Jelly, the male duck, was eyeing her the whole time… It’s quite cute.


~ by Rachel on August 15, 2010.

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