Lanterns Lanterns Everywhere!

This last weekend was entirely dedicated to landscaping as much of the pond as single-humanly possible in one weekend… And By George! It’s almost finished! I planted a ton of plants– hostas of many varieties, ferns (I LOVE ferns), azaleas, different grasses and ground covers, coral bells… the list goes on. I also had the task to do of re-planting what had been dug up to create space for the pond in the first place. But when all is said and done, I will say the pond looked quite spectacular this morning!

To add a little “enchantment” , without going the route of a statue, I found these insanely gorgeous Indian hanging lanterns at World Market. I thought they would look perfect hanging from the tree over the pond, and they really do add a little fairytale touch. I really liked the idea because I’ve never seen someone use these types of lanterns hanging in the yard from a tree– I try to stay a little bit atypical. And they look very cute at night, as well when they’re lit with their little tea lights. What do you think? (click the picture to get a bigger view)

Anyway, this weekend was unseasonably hot…. it was around 94 degrees both days here in Charlotte, so you can imagine that I was absolutely sweating my buns off. At one point in the early morning on Sunday I fell asleep on the patio furniture and when I woke up, I couldn’t find the ducks anywhere! So I called for them, and all three came single-file out of the house… Sneaky little things snuck in to use the air conditioning. And Cupcake, my piglet, spent the day between laying in a damp hole and enjoying the air conditioning herself. I think I may have spoiled my animals… maybe just a teeny bit….


~ by Rachel on June 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lanterns Lanterns Everywhere!”

  1. yeah, can i move in and be one of your animals? i promise to bathe regularly, haha.

  2. Rachael, Your yard and pond is amazing!! Good for you~maybe we need to hire you out for all the rest of us that are challenged with landscaping. Oops, that would mean I have to have a menagerie, too! Maybe I’ll just watch your videos and live vicariously!
    Hugs, Sheri 🙂

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