Extreme Duck Pond Makeover

My three ducks, Peanut, Butter, and Jelly, have gone through their fair share of swimming pools. As natural lovers of water, I have always tried my best to provide them with a swimming hole of some fashion, starting with a potted plant reservoir in their duckling days and moving onto a large kiddie pool which was great for ducklings, but as adults they just kept popping the darned things.

Finally, almost a year and about 6 or 7 kiddie pools later, a neighbor of mine donated a large, hard plastic pool for the ducks’ enjoyment. Unfortunately, much of the swimming room was taken up by a mini slide and steps, and the thing got dirty so quickly (compliments of the ducks’ habit of pooping in the water) and it had to be cleaned twice a day, ruining the lawn and causing flooding in my backyard.


So I did what any loving duck parent would do, and I decided to build the ducks their very own, large, filtered pond. I went to a couple of pond builders for the task and ended up choosing David Weekly from Waterscapes Pro, as he seemed to have the most duck-friendly and low maintenance method of using a filter at the bottom of the pond, as well as a natural bog filter at the top of the waterfall.

I had the perfect spot picked out next to my rose garden This hill actually began as the bane of my existence when I moved into my house. It was absolutely covered with weeds and bermuda grass and it seemed like nothing could be done to make it usable… However, putting in tireless hours and a lot of manual labor (and a lot of Round-Up), with the help of a friend last summer I tackled the left side and turned it into a rose garden. This summer I did some more weed killing, planted some fruit trees, and hauled a dump-truck load of mulch over the remaining hill.

ANYWAY, I digress. This hill made the perfect spot for a water feature. And it went a little something like this….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the ducks are certainly loving every last second!








~ by Rachel on June 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “Extreme Duck Pond Makeover”

  1. I can’t see the video!

  2. Hi, can I ask if your filter system is still working well? I have read many blods etc of people who have tried to have duck ponds but struggled to keep them clean… I have two ducks currently on a childs large frame pool, with a filer system, but still have to change the water and scrub out every week. If yours works well, would love details of the set up as I love your pond and sure my ducks would too! Thanks . Kate

    • My filter system is amazing. It supports 3 ducks plus 12 large fish. It was very very pricey. It uses 2 filter systems which include an underground filter and a bog filter at the top of all of the waterfalls. I paid for the pond, though, and do not know the specifics. You can go to waterscapespro.com and find out from them what kind of system they used. They will know what you’re talking about, as I’m their only customer who has built a pond for her pet ducks 😉

  3. This is So charming! I’m working on building a pond for my three pet ducks as well and your site is so inspiring! I love it. And now I reallllly want a pet pig too. So cute.

  4. Went to the website you provided for the people who built your pond but it is not working.

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